Why I Do Not Join a Gym

First and foremost, this is NOT a “I hate the local gym” post. It is simply the reasons I workout at home. If you are an active member of a gym then I applaud you. I am glad you are taking your health and fitness seriously.

I have a simple, yet amazing, home gym. Here’s a picture:

Why I Do not join a gym

As you can see I have a Soloflex, a Total Gym, and a Cardio Fit bike. On these three pieces of equipment I can exercise every muscle group with the same efficiency and results as professional gym equipment. The Soloflex is really all I need but I have the others because some exercises are easier to perform on them.

So, why would anyone want to join a gym? The ONLY reasons I can think of are space and/or the opportunity to work with a trainer. Some people may not have a good space in their home or apartment to accommodate exercise equipment and some may want assistance from a personal trainer.

My reasons for NOT joining a gym are as follows:

Time Saver: I like the Convenience of my Home Gym

Time is precious and working out from home is a major time saver. You have to have something in you that I don’t have to get up, get dressed, and head to a gym (OR stop by on your way home from work). I once was a member of Gold’s Gym. I loved the equipment but I hated having to drive myself to it each day. Yes, I am just that lazy. Because my workouts are usually around 40 minutes it is easier to do it from home. By the time I got my stuff together, drove to the gym, checked in, changed in the locker room, worked out, showered, got dressed and drove back home I would have used almost 2 hours. That’s just too much for me.

Now, I simply throw on an old t-shirt and some shorts and step out into my garage and start. 40 minutes later I am in the shower. It is all over in about an hour.

Psychology: I am More Motivated to Workout at Home

Some experts tell us that it takes 21 days to form a habit. And habits are hard to create especially if the new habit has more than a few steps. Getting ready and driving to a gym are more steps to have to make to make working out a habit. It is very easy to talk yourself out of going to the gym. VERY easy! I mastered that!

I surpassed the 21 day mark quite some time ago. It is far easier to stay motivated when I can see my equipment. You can’t see the gym from home. So as the old expression goes, “Out of sight, out of mind.” So true. Working out is now a precious habit for me.

Results: I See Weekly Changes

I literally went from this:

Why I Do not join a gym

To this:

Why I Do not join a gym

in about 5 weeks.

Because I workout 5 days a week, the results are there to see. I look at the first picture and all I see is that huge stomach. The picture doesn’t show how bad I felt much of the time. Now I feel great EVERY day!

I love seeing these changes. At 56 it is very inspiring and motivating to actually see the positive changes in my body. This makes me want to keep doing it and continue investing that 40 minutes each day. I have far more energy and stamina so I never have the “too tired” excuse.

If I joined a gym I wouldn’t go as often and the results would be slower.

Depression: The Gym is a Discouraging Place

I always thought that I would see nicely shaped hard bodies at the gym. And there are a few. A very few! But most people I saw were fat and poorly shaped. I thought seeing lots of hard bodies would motivate me to work harder. But so many people at the gym look like they need to join a gym (ha ha). It is too depressing for me. It is my psychological hangup, I know. But if I see out of shape people at the gym then I believe that there isn’t much hope. I mean, if all these people frequent the gym and still look tired and fat, then what’s the use?

I am now inspired by pictures of 50-somethings that have really taken care of their bodies. Seeing that you can look and feel good after 50 inspires me to press on.

Privacy: Need I Say More

To me, working out is a private thing. I mean, why on earth would I want to drag my tub of lard belly into a public place? Also, I know people gawk at me at the gym. I know this because I gawk at them. So I become too conscientious if lots of people are at the gym. I know many are looking at me and thinking, “Yeesh, what a tub of lard he has on his waists!”

At home it is just me. There is no one to impress but me. I can workout my way for my reasons. I can focus on the exercises rather than some goomer gawking at me. And, my friends, if you are trying to lose weight, shape up, lower cholesterol, and get in better overall health, then you need complete FOCUS! No distractions. You need to work hard for 30 to 40 minutes with no excuses. That’s all it takes.

So, I hope this post has given you a reason to workout. For me, it is best to workout at home. If you’d like some tips on how to create a home  gym and an exercise program simply contact me at tguthriebiz@gmail.com.

A Concluding Thought

I do indeed workout 5 days a week (sometimes 6). I do a hard, heavy weight training approach. But that doesn’t mean that is what you should do. Each of us have different goals and different reasons for wanting to be in better health or better shape.

There is one thing, though, that we all have in common. We each have a need, especially if we are over 50, for excellent nutrition. When my doctor wanted to put me on statins for my cholesterol I simply refused. I know what statins do to the liver and joints. It is dangerous drug. I choose to lower my cholesterol in natural ways and I have succeeded.

What are these natural ways?

  1. Exercise
  2. Proper Diet
  3. Nutritional Supplementation

Obviously when you are over 50 there tend to be more issues than high cholesterol. I have found that the best defense against the “issues of aging” is excellent nutritional supplementation.

If you have 2 minutes let me encourage you to watch the video below. It is information that changed my health in more than one way. After viewing the video, please email me with questions at tguthriebiz@gmail.com or call me directly at 404-933-0418.

Tony Guthrie, PhD.

tguthriebiz@gmail.com // 404-933-0418

19 Do you not know that your bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit, who is in you, whom you have received from God? You are not your own;
20 you were bought at a price. Therefore honor God with your bodies.

(1 Corinthians 6: 19-20)

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And then my wife said …

“It is amazing how different you look after only 3 weeks.”

She said this when I walked in the bedroom and took my t-shirt off. You see, I am like so many people. I get on weight loss and health kicks … for a season (often a very short season!). But when I get on a weight loss/health kick I REALLY get on it. I figure, this is my health AND my life.

So, what has happened?

Well, in the last 30 days I have taken 4 inches off my bulging gut and really shaped and toned my back, chest, arms, shoulders, and legs. And at 56, this is not easy from an emotional or a physical perspective. This is what my wife saw that day …

No … I am not there yet. BUT I WILL be. And soon!

So, where does my motivation come from?

Very simple. When most people see themselves in the mirror or in a photo and say to themselves, “I look terrible” they simply don’t do anything about it. They want a change but they don’t decide to change. But I do. No matter what.

And that’s the key … DECIDING to change.”

You see, I really am not boasting. I am simply stating the truth. Most people who are overweight and/or out of shape simply will not pay the necessary price for good health. But I will.

When I saw this …

I knew I had to hit my home gym hard and change my eating habits dramatically. I also knew that I needed the right supplements. You see, that’s me in the picture with my gorgeous daughter. We were at her orientation to Georgia Southern University. LOOK at me. Fat! Gross! We walked all over that gigantic campus on a campus tour and I thought I was going to pass out.

I didn’t know it at that moment but my cholesterol had climbed back up to a dangerous point. My blood pressure was getting higher by the day. And my weight (especially in the mid-section) was growing daily.

You might say …

“I have seen people a lot fatter than that!”

Yes you have. My response. SO! All fat is bad fat …  especially belly fat. Just because I didn’t look like your uncle Joe doesn’t mean that I was okay. And neither are you if you are even a little over-weight.

So, how am I doing it?

  1. Soloflex
  2. Proper diet
  3. Excellent supplementation

Is it hard?

Yes. No.

Yes, it is hard to walk into that home gym and plant myself on that Soloflex. Every day I can think of a hundred reasons to put it off. Especially the tendinitis in my right elbow. It really hurts. But I figure my life and health are worth the 30 to 40 minutes of exertion that I will go through. And I do mean exertion. I put on the heaviest weight bands and push myself to the limit.

It hurts.

I get tired.

I sweat profusely.

But I don’t quit. 6 days a week I bust bad for 30 to 40 minutes. Then it is over. That’s it. That’s all. And the change continues.

No. It is not hard. Literally after a few days I saw and felt the change. So, when I see and feel it … it is not hard to keep going. Just gotta get past the first few days.

The diet is easy. No sugar. Minimal carbs. Lots of lean protein. NO FAST FOOD EVER. Drink TONS of water and avoid soft drinks EVEN “diet” soft drinks.

Supplementation? Contact me and ask. tguthriebiz@gmail.com.

Here’s to the kind words of my wife.


Tony Guthrie








The Speed of Life

Why do some people find it hard to adjust to the apparent increase of speed in so many areas in life? Does that happen everywhere – or is it just in the developed western world where time seems to rush by?

Sociologists and psychologists can help us understand our perception of time – and how different people have differing views.

1. Technical advances give us higher expectations
Hartmut Rosa, a German sociologist, describes how progress may not always save us time as we’d expect.

It’s far quicker to send a text message or email than to send a letter. But that speed encourages us to send more messages – and that can give us the impression of being overly busy. We expect to receive an answer far more quickly than for “snail mail”. That can cause us stress and make us feel that other people are slowing us down.

To read the full article … go to http://lifeplusformula.com/speed-of-life/


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Hidden Heroes


enzymes1They’re called enzymes – pretty amazing proteins that act as catalysts, enabling and accelerating many chemical processes. Take the laundry we mentioned: Enzymes allow washing powder to clean clothes at low temperatures, by breaking up the proteins in tough food stains.
Despite their importance, enzymes seldom share the same spotlight as other nutrients such as vitamins or minerals. While everyone has heard of Vitamin C and Magnesium, hardly anyone knows what trypsin does.

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Why Every Step Counts


Psychologists believe that the ‘no time’ excuse is not simply an easy cop-out, but that it masks underlying negative feelings about exercise: that it will be dull and repetitive, that we may hurt or injure ourselves, that we might even embarrass ourselves in front of other people.

Always try and think of being active and exercising as a really positive choice. You are making the decision yourself to do something that will benefit you both in the short- and the long- term. That can start to diminish any negative feeling straightaway. Now you just have to use your time wisely…

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What Does Diet Really Mean?

We are what we eat, goes the saying. Certainly food plays a major part in our life, punctuating every day, often determining how we organise our time – and having a significant impact on the way we feel mentally, physically and emotionally.

As part of our attitude to food, we often talk about being on a diet. The interpretation of what a diet is tends to suggest a regime undertaken for one primary purpose: to lose weight.

In fact, that is somewhat misleading. Weight loss is only one aspect of what and how we eat, and it is not always the healthiest or most suitable way to feed ourselves.

The fact that there are so many fads must tell us something.
The word ‘diet’ actually comes from an ancient Greek word meaning ‘a mode of living’. Perhaps it is time to go back to that original derivation and see our diet as something far more holistic, as a whole way of approaching life and health.

Weight loss diets come and go. We’ve probably all tried at least one of them at some point, caught up in the hype, swearing by the latest one, drastically altering our food intake because we have been swept up in the dream.

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Applying Vicks On Your Feet Can Clear Cough? Experts Explain


Vicks ointment has been used to treat cough and colds for many years. The vapor rub is mainly used on a person’s chest when they are suffering from a cold or even the flu. It has been put into steam vaporizers to help relieve a stuffed up nose and help us sleep better. Others have used the ointment on the outside of their nostrils to help clear up a sinus infection. A newer method of using the well known vapor rub is to apply it on the feet of the person with the cold. After the Vicks is spread over the feet, the person should put socks on.